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  • Adv Open Water (PSD)

Adv Open Water (PSD)

The IANTD Advanced program will give the diver experience and skills to take their diving to the next level. By the end of this three (3) day program, you will have completed a total of 5 dives – 2 of which will be a deep dive and a navigation dive. Combine the Advanced course with the Dry Suit and/or Full Face Mask Course and receive two or three certifications. This course is a prerequisite for all of the Public Safety Diver Courses. (course minimum – 6 candidates)

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What You Learn…

The knowledge and skills you will learn during this course will depend on the dives you choose to partake in. The most commons areas learned are:

  • Practical aspects and the physiological effects of deep diving
  • More ways to use your compass and how to navigate using kick cycles, visual landmarks and time
  • Basics on Search and Recovery diving
  • Basics on full face mask and dry suits

What You Need…

You will use basic Public Safety Diving equipment including BCD, Regulator, Full Face Mask, Extra Mask, Depth & Pressure Gauge, 2 – 80 cu. Ft. Tanks, Weight system (harness type), Fins, Drysuit, Equipment bag or box, Reel w/ 100′ of #36 line, Marker Float or 50# lift bag, Dry Suit w/ Dry Hood, Proper under garments, Dry gloves for contaminated water, Diver & Surface Communication, Redundant Air Source (13 to 20 cu. Ft. tank & Regulator or switch block), 2 – Cutting devices located on the upper body, and Proper training on all your equipment.

The Learning Materials You Need…

The IANTD Advanced Open Water Diver Manual (included in the course fee).


Open Water Diver Certification

18 Years or Older

Public Safety Course Catalog

Public Safety Course Progression Chart

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