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  • Advanced Public Safety

Advanced Public Safety

The Advanced Public Safety Diver course was developed to give the PSD diver continuing advanced education on skills they may be required to perform in the field. This four day course increases knowledge skills in demanding areas such as diving in contaminated water, evidence recovery and handling, home land security, heavy lift and multiple dive platforms, surface air supply, and court testimony. The following is an outline of the program content but is not limited to these topics alone. (course minimum – 6 candidates)

Starting from

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What You Learn…

Diving in contaminated water

OSHA requirements

Types of contamination, knowing what your getting into.

Types of diver protection—dry suits, masks, helmets, and gloves.

Protocols for deployment, Go—No Go

Post dive decontamination

Heavy lift & multiple dive platforms

Dive platforms—shoreline, boat, barge, dock, hellos Equipment

Types and uses of lifting equipment

Diver safety & communications

Evidence recovery & handling

Types of evidence


Location & logistics

Determining a starting point

Evidence handling

Chain of custody of evidence

Surface air supply

Use of Surface Air Supply Equipment

Operations—surface and diver

Scenarios for use

Court testimony

Courtroom dress and conduct


Information needed for testifying

Presenting testimony

Chain of custody of evidence

What You Need…

You will use basic Public Safety Diving equipment including BCD, Regulator, Full Face Mask, Extra Mask, Depth & Pressure Gauge, 2 – 80 cu. Ft. Tanks, Weight system (harness type), Fins, Drysuit, Equipment bag or box, Reel w/ 100′ of #36 line, Marker Float or 50# lift bag, Dry Suit w/ Dry Hood, Proper under garments, Dry gloves for contaminated water, Diver & Surface Communication, Redundant Air Source (13 to 20 cu. Ft. tank & Regulator or switch block), 2 – Cutting devices located on the upper body, and Proper training on all your equipment.

The Learning Materials You Need…

All the handouts and materials needed for the classroom portion are provided for you. A copy of the IANTD Public Safety Diver Manual is recommended.


Public Safety Course Catalog

Public Safety Course Progression Chart

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