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Join The Crew! Become A PADI Divemaster…

Do you have a deep passion for diving? Do you love sharing your underwater experiences? If so, you should consider doing what you love for a living. Imagine the confidence you will have as one of the most sought after professionals on the planet. Think of the fun of helping new divers and leading them through programs like Discover Local Diving and Scuba Review. As a Divemaster, you become a mentor to those seeking scuba certifications. Plus, you’ll be well on your way to a career that lets you live the dive life every day.

Starting from

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Your Career Starts Here…

Looking for the first step in working with scuba as a career? The Divemaster certification is the first leadership level in the PADI Pro system. Underwater Dive Center’s Divemaster program is offered in the Internship Style. Our Internship program allows you to have hands-on experience supervising and assisting divers in actual PADI programs, under the guidance of one of our Instructors. By using this style, it enables us to spend more time with the candidates so you receive the experience needed to be a successful Divemaster.

During our Divemaster program, you learn dive leadership skills through classroom, in water sessions and independent study. You will complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch your abilities to organize and solve problems. You will also learn how to help others improve their knowledge and diving skills. Once the lectures and pool sessions are completed, the Internship style course will allow you to take the program at your own pace, revolving around your schedule. During our Divemaster program you will work closely with all of our well-trained PADI Instructors. As you go through your Divemaster course, you will expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills as you become a Dive Professional.

What You Learn…

The PADI Divemaster course is divided into three sections: Knowledge Development, Waterskills Exercises and Practical Application and Professionalism.


Consists of 9 topics:

  • The Role and Characteristics of A PADI Divemaster
  • Supervising Diving Activities
  • Assisting with Student Divers
  • Diver Safety and Risk Management
  • Divemaster Conducted Programs
  • Specialized Skills and Activities
  • The Business of Diving and Your Career
  • Awareness of the Dive Environment
  • Dive Theory Review

Divemaster Knowledge Reviews:

Each chapter in the PADI Divemaster Manual ends with a Knowledge Review.Divemaster candidates must complete each Knowledge Review.Candidates must master all items.These Knowledge Reviews are turned in and kept by the instructor.

Divemaster Exams:

Successful completion of the Divemaster exam with a grade of 80% or higher. The 120 question exam will be over topics, including:

  • Physics
  • Physiology and First Aid
  • Equipment
  • Decompression Theory and the RDP
  • Dive Skills and the Environment
  • Supervising Activities for Certified Divers and Student Divers in Training
  • PADI Divemaster Conducted Programs



As a professional whose duties include supervising others, a Divemaster must possess a certain degree of watermanship ability and physical stamina.This phase of training is designed to objectively assess these skills.

These are 25 possible points of which the candidate must score 15 or more to pass.

  • Exercise 1: 400 yard swim
  • Exercise 2: 15 minute float / tread
  • Exercise 3: 800 yard snorkel swim
  • Exercise 4: 100 yard diver tow
  • Exercise 5: Equipment Exchange 

Diver-Rescue Skills Assessment

Exercise:Simulated rescue of an unconscious diver.

Diver Skills Workshop – Demonstration Quality

1. Equipment assembly, adjustment, preparation, donning and disassembly

2. Predive safety check (BWRAF)

3. Deep water entry

4. Buoyancy check at surface

5. Snorkel-regulator / regulator snorkel exchange

6. Five point descent

7. Regulator recovery and clearing

8. Mask removal, replacement and clearing

9. Air depletion exercise and alternate air source use (stationary)

10. Alternate air source-assisted ascent

11. Free-flowing regulator breathing

12. Neutral buoyancy

13. Five point ascent

14. Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA)

15. Hover motionless for 30 seconds

16. Underwater swim without a mask

17. Remove and replace weight system

18. Remove and replace scuba unit underwater

19. Remove and replace scuba unit on the surface

20. Remove and replace weight system on the surface

21. Vertical, head first surface dive

22. Swim at least 50 feet underwater on a single breath while skin diving

23. Snorkel clear using the blast method after ascending from a skin dive

24. Snorkel clear using the displacement method after ascending from a skin dive

The candidate must demonstrate all scuba and skin diving skills, scoring at least a 3 on each skill, and scoring at least 82 points total, with at least one underwater skill to a 5.


Practical Skills

  • Skill 1 – Dive Site Set Up and Management
  • Skill 2 – Mapping Project
  • Skill 3 – Dive Briefing
  • Skill 4 – Search and Recovery Scenario or PADI Search and Recovery Diver specialty certification (recommended)
  • Skill 5 – Deep Dive Scenario or PADI Deep Diver specialty certification (recommended)

Divemaster Conducted Programs Workshops

  • Workshop 1 – Scuba Review in Confined WaterWorkshop 2 – Skin Diver Course and Snorkeling Supervision
  • Workshop 3 – Discover Scuba Diving Program in Confined Water
  • Workshop 4 – Discover Scuba Diving Program Additional Open Water Dive
  • Workshop 5 – Discover Local Diving in Open Water

Practical Assessments>/b>

  • Practical Assessment 1 – Open Water Diver Students in Confined Water
  • Practical Assessment 2 – Open Water Diver Students in Open Water
  • Practical Assessment 3 – Continuing Education Student Divers in Open Water
  • Practical Assessment 4 – Certified Divers in Open Water


Verify that Divemaster candidates score at least a 3 in each category below by the end of Practical Application.

1. Level of active, positive participation in the training session

2. Ability to serve as a mentor to student divers.

3. Willingness to follow directions.

4. Positive attitude and demeanor toward student divers, certified divers and staff.

5. Positive attitude and practice towards caring for the environment.

6. General understanding of a divemaster’s role.

7. Appearance

The purpose of this training module is to enable the candidate to gain practical experience as an instructional assistant and in the supervision of open water diving activities (both as coordinator and underwater guide). To fulfill this requirement, the candidate is to serve as an instructional assistant during 5 PADI confined water (pool) sessions, 4 open water training sessions, 1 continuing education course (in an open water environment), and 1 Divemaster conducted program. Acceptable performance for an internship activity is indicated by a score of 40 or higher calculated by using the internship evaluation form.  The candidate is to repeat a session on which performance is deemed unacceptable. Divemaster candidates many not be used to increase instructor-to-student ratios.Only certified and renewed PADI Divemasters may be used for the purpose of increasing ratios.

What You Need…

You will use your basic scuba diving equipment.

The Learning Materials You Need…

  • PADI Divemaster Crewpak which includes the Divemaster Manual, Divemaster Slates and Instructor Manual
  • RDP – Dive Table version and eRDP ML version (including associated instructions for use booklets)<.li>
  • PADI’s The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
  • PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook


  • PADI Rescue Diver certification (or have a qualifying certification from another organization)
  • PADI Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (or have a qualifying certification from another organization) completed within the past 24 months
  • Have at least 40 logged dives to begin the course and 60 logged dives by the end of the course
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement signed by a physician with the past 12 months

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