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  • Dry Suit Diver (PSD)

Dry Suit Diver (PSD)

This dry suit course is designed to develop necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to safely dive a dry suit. The course will emphasize the use of dry suits for Public Safety Diving.Public Safety Divers are more commonly diving in contaminated water. Dry suits are used to keep the Public Safety Diver safe from the environment they are diving in. Subjects covered include the various mission profiles encountered in public safety diving and which dry suit system configuration is appropriate. The course includes four hours of lecture, four hours of pool and two open water dives. The open water dives can be combined with the Advanced Open Water course, Public Safety Diver Course or the Full Face Mask Course. (course minimum is 6 candidates)

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What You Learn…

The IANTD PSD Dry Suit Course teaches you about cold water physiology, hypothermia, hazards and emergency procedures, buoyancy and trim awareness, types and features of dry suits, technical options, care and maintenance, and proper weighting.

What You Need…

You will use basic Public Safety Diving equipment including BCD, Regulator, Full Face Mask (optional), Extra Mask (if using a Full Face Mask), Depth & Pressure Gauge, 2 – 80 cu. Ft. Tanks, Weight system (harness type), Fins, Drysuit, Equipment bag or box, Reel w/ 100′ of #36 line, Marker Float or 50# lift bag, Dry Suit w/ Dry Hood, Proper under garments, Dry gloves for contaminated water, Diver & Surface Communication, Redundant Air Source (13 to 20 cu. Ft. tank & Regulator or switch block), 2 – Cutting devices located on the upper body, and Proper training on all your equipment.

The Learning Materials You Need…

Your Dry Suit Owners Manual.


Public Safety Course Catalog

Public Safety Course Progression Chart

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