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BC Cleaner 10 oz.

BC Cleaner 10 oz.


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Part Number:34120 Manufacturer: Gear Aid Model: BC Cleaner Size: 10 OZ.

Keep your BCD in top condition with Revivex BCD. Cleaner. This 10 fl oz formula not only cleans but also conditions, effectively removing salt and chlorine crystals from inside out. With each underwater trip, expensive equipment is exposed to elements that can damage it. Ensure your dive gear lasts longer by keeping it clean with Revivex B.C.D. Cleaner.


  • Powerful – Washes away harmful residue, salt and chlorine deposits that can collect on dive gear
  • Conditions – Silicone conditioners for all B.C.D. plastic and rubber parts, including valves and shells
  • Concentrated – One pouch of this complete B.C.D cleaning and maintenance system is good for 10 washes
  • Reduces Wear – Regular cleaning and proper maintenance with this conditioner extends the life of a B.C.D.

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