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Compass w/ Retractor

Compass w/ Retractor


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Part Number:GA420 Manufacturer: XS Scuba Model: Compass w/ Retractor

The XS Scuba Retractable Super Tilt Compass is a versatile tool designed for precision navigation underwater. Its large, easy-to-read bearing indicators and luminescent display ensure accuracy, while the ratchet bezel allows for easy rotation even with thick gloves. The compact design features a durable rubber boot with a hose mount nut for attachment to a retractor, offering quick-release functionality and a 25" reach. With strong magnets and a highly accurate liquid-filled dial, this compass is essential for divers seeking reliable navigation in any conditions.



  • Attach to diver with snap hook or split ring
  • Large gun sight style viewing window allows for easy and accurate navigation
  • Strong magnets guarantee accuracy and quick response time
  • Large, secure 360° ratcheting bezel
  • Compass has a luminescent dial resting on a precision sapphire jewel
  • Reads accurately over a large tilt range

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