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Flag Float w/ Diver Down Flag

Flag Float w/ Diver Down Flag


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Part Number:DF21/DF05 Manufacturer: Trident Model: Diver Down Float

Being a safe diver is important as more and more people are taking to the water every year, and there is increased watercraft traffic in our favorite dive sites. Make sure to fly this flag when diving to alert watercraft operators that there are divers below. This 4' (1.22m) Standard Flag Float has a lead weighted bottom to avoid inverting while in use. The lead weight is equipped with an eyelet at the base for line attachment and rubber stoppers on the pole to eliminate flag slippage. Float is made of Styrofoam for extreme positive buoyancy, yet lightweight for ease of transport. The 4' (1.2m) pole allows flag to be highly visible from long distances for increased safety. 

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