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Mako Titanium Knife

Mako Titanium Knife


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Part Number:32.022.000 Manufacturer: ScubaPro Model: Mako Titanium Color: Titanium,


  • Multi-Function Blade
  • Highly-Durable Cutting Edge
  • Hardened Titanium Blade
  • Corrosion Free Performance
  • Straight-Edge for Slicing


About Scubapro Mako Titanium Knife


The Scubapro Mako Titanium Dive Knife incorporates a multi-function blade with a highly durable cutting edge. It is made from hardened titanium. Titanium being the ultimate material for light weight, long life, and corrosion free performance. The knife has a conventional straight edge for slicing easily through numerous materials and a serrated edge for sawing heavier ropes and branches. For lighter rope and fishing line the knife is also equipped with a line cutter. Once you're done diving open your favorite beverage with the convenient bottle opener. The knife tip is a tanto type.

The Scubapro Mako Knife has an overall length of 7.48" (19cm) with a blade length of 3.34" (8.5cm) and weighs 5.71 oz. (162g) with the sheath. The knife handle is a durable over-molded plastic with the knives continues blade (full tang) running through it. Handle is equipped with an extended thumb guard and at the bottle opener end of knife is an eyelet for attachment of a wrist lanyard. The durable plastic sheath with unique locking mechanism allows one hand release of the knife.

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