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Safety Signal Tube - 4.3 Ft.

Safety Signal Tube - 4.3 Ft.


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Part Number:40.314.000 Manufacturer: ScubaPro Model: SMB Orange PVC

This convenient 4.3’ / 1.3m SMB (surface marker buoy) folds into a nylon pouch for easy stowing while diving and is easy to unpack underwater for rapid deployment. The bottom of the surface marker buoy is open-ended and includes lead weights for ease of use underwater.


  • 4.3’ length / 130cm x 16.5cm SMB with 20’ / 6m tether
  • Open-ended SMB for simple inflation & deflation
  • Lead weights are included at the bottom of the SMB to help the buoy stand straight up
  • PVC with HF welded seams for greater durability
  • Nylon SMB pouch offers a clip for easy attachment to the BC
  • High visibility orange buoy with white text calling out “Diver Below” and the SCUBAPRO logo

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