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White Tip Stainless Steel Knife

White Tip Stainless Steel Knife


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Part Number:32.002.000 Manufacturer: ScubaPro Model: White Tip Color: STAINLESS STEEL,


  • Compact knife design
  • Straight-edge blade for cutting/slicing
  • Serrated edge for sawing
  • Full tang blade construction
  • Blunt tip design


The Scubapro White Tip Knife is made from 304-grade stainless-steel. This compact knife has a sharp flat straight edge blade and good resistance to rusting. The blade is perfect for cutting and slicing and there is a serrated edge for sawing. This is a good-sized knife for attaching to a hose or your BCD or put it in an easily accessible pocket. The compact Scubapro White Tip Knife can be used as a primary knife or a back-up tool.

The full tang blade extends into the durable plastic handle and has an eyelet for attachment to a wrist lanyard. Blade has a blunt tip design and measures 2.56" (6.6cm) with an overall length of 5.8" (14.7cm). Knife comes with a single-action locking system impact resistant plastic sheath. The included hose attachment kit is easy to assemble. The knife with sheath weighs 3.3 oz. (93 g).

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