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Robert Baldauf

Robert Baldauf

PADI Instructor for Open Water thru Divemaster

PADI Specialty Instructor for: Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver

IANTD Nitrox Diver

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

PADI Emergency First Responder

Favorite Dive Location:

The Next One…

From the wonderful people of Fiji, to the pristine reefs of Bonaire, every dive site has its own special attraction. If you are searching the mud at the bottom of the Mississippi for artifacts, diving the mines of Bonne Terre, looking at the endless caverns of the Florida springs, exploring the wrecks of the great lakes, or any of the other thousands of dive sites, you cannot compare them to each other as apples to oranges. The reason there is wreck, reef, cave, drift, deep, and other types of diving is because no one “category” can show you all there is to discover. As a result, whether it is going to be another of hundreds of quary dives, or discovering the secrets of Palau we get to see what only a small percentage can and that makes every dive my favorite dive.

Most Memorable Dive:

Night dive in Exumas

On a night with incredible bio-luminescence, I tuned off my dive light. There where long chains if organisms giving off bursts of light in sequence like a chain of old style flash bulbs. Within minutes as my eyes adjusted I could make out the entire reef as dark patches lacking the fireworks the plankton where displaying in the rest of the water. It was incredibly peaceful, as if silent pyrotechnics. As I came to the surface, miles from inhabited islands and a good distance from the boat, I was struck how the only way to tell the difference between the sea and the clear summer sky was the chance in color from a million green plankton to a million stars.