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Perdix 2 Wrist Dive Computer

Perdix 2 Wrist Dive Computer


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Part Number:13301 Manufacturer: Shearwater Dive Computers Model: Perdix 2 Wrist Color: BLACK,

Introducing the PERDIX 2: a remarkable advancement in full-size dive computers. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, its armored titanium casing, precision touch buttons, and aluminosilicate glass lens ensure unparalleled durability and clarity. With the capability to integrate air data from up to four transmitters, it seamlessly transitions from beginner to advanced technical diving. The convenience of a user-replaceable single AA battery enhances its reliability, while its sleek titanium and titanium black finishes add a touch of style to its robust functionality. The PERDIX 2 is not just a dive computer; it's a testament to innovation, resilience, and performance.

Smart Transmitter not included.



  • Optional air integration with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Powerful computer with advanced feature set, air integration, vibration alerts and user replaceable battery
  • Dive mode types: Air / Nitrox / 3 GasNx, OC Tec (Trimix enabled), CC/BO (Fixed PPO2), Gauge
  • Number of gases: 5 Open Circuit/Closed Circuit
  • Algorithm:  ZHL16-C Optional VPM / Optional DCIEM
  • Screen resolution: 320 x 240
  • Display type: LCD with LED backlight
  • 2AA Batteries
  • Dive log capacity:  Approximately 1000 Hours
  • Depth rating: 850 ft
  • Integrated compass, no decompression planner, deco planner and firmware update function

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